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How To Watch Youtube Videos Faster

I’ve been looking for an easier way to speed up online videos so I can watch educational content faster. I don’t always want double speed, but even 1.5x the speed helps to get through a lot of video content quicker than just watching the videos at normal speed.

For a while now I’ve been using Firefox and the DownloadHelper extension to download the videos straight from the browser. Then I use VLC media player to watch the videos which allows me to speed up the video at pretty much whatever speed I like.

If I want to take the video on the go, then I can use the Replayer app or Smarter Player app. Replayer allows me to send the video (or audio) file to my phone via WIFI, which is nice for getting the file on my phone quickly and remotely. Smarter Player will play any song in my audio collection on my phone.

While these options have allowed me get the job done, it takes a bit to get to the point where I can actually begin watching the video.

So I have been keeping an eye out for a simpler solution.

I’ve known about MySpeed for a while now. It really doesn’t cost that much and even has a free trial to make sure that it works the way I expect. I may eventually just fork over the cash. I just hate to pay for something that I really don’t need.

Well I’ve been watching a lot of on page videos for a training program I’m going through. So I started looking to see what options are available to increase my productivity by speeding up the videos without having to download them first.

Speed Up Youtube VideosI did a Google search for ‘speed up youtube videos

I clicked on the first result which was a LifeHacker article titled ‘Enable Variable Speed Playback in YouTube

The article was interesting, but not very complete. I really didn’t know if I wanted to sign up for the required beta test.

The next result down is an Apologetics 315 article titled ‘How to Watch Youtube Videos Faster (2x speed)’. The article was a little more in depth and in the end I was convinced to give it a go.

The simple answer is stated this way:

“Go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “Join the HTML5 trial.” Once you have clicked that link, all videos you play in Youtube will not play with flash, but will play with HTML5. That will enable a speed setting on the video player control bar. Just click it to select your listening speed. Now you don’t have to waste so much time on Youtube.”

The process for enabling the ability to speed up videos on the YouTube page was fairly easy. As a side note, this is also a cool way to get people to upgrade their browsers and technology to HTML5.

Once I enabled the Trial I was able to begin watching the videos at 1.5 and 2x speed. Pretty cool.

After watching a few videos, I’m hooked.

Even with as cool as this is, I discovered that this still has its limitations. I can’t speed up videos on other video platforms. The main benefit that I can see to using MySpeed is that I can speed up ANY video online, not just YouTube videos.

We’ll see. I’m fine with this for now.

Do you have any tools that you’ve used to watch videos faster online or to increase your video viewing productivity?

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