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How Do We Attract New People To Our Business?

Do you know how to grab the attention to those who are new to your industry? Do you know how to get their attention and draw them in to your site?

I was reading through an interesting article about Linux and an idea hit me that I think is really important for us to think about as we put ourselves and our companies out there on the internet.

It was this paragraph:

“Let me lead you into this idea easily. Open up the Ubuntu Software Center (Figure A), and tell me what you immediately see. You’ll most likely be presented with a list of games, multi-media apps, and other bits of what most people call nonsense. Now, open up the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. What do you see? Games, social networking apps, shopping tools, music, movies, and quite a collection of non tech-centric “fluff.” But you know what? That’s what sells and helps platforms gain traction. It’s not the admin tools or the hard-hitting tech-focused tools that make a platform spread like mad — it’s the software the average user can wrap their minds around. You know, apps that do little more than kill time.”

It’s the last part of that second to last sentence that really struck me: “it’s the software the average user can wrap their minds around.”

Many of us have been building a website with the hopes of getting people’s attention, building an audience of loyal followers and becoming an authority in our market.

Often times we create high end content for the most serious of readers. While this is what keeps the readers coming back, how do we get them there in the first place?

We need to give them something easy to consume.

Something that the average newbie to our industry can “wrap their minds around”.

This is the simple little things that act as bate to draw people to us. It might be the things that are very basic to those who have been in our market for a while, but are completely new to those who are just coming in.

Often times those of us who have had a deeper understanding of our industry for a while forget what it was like when we didn’t know all that we now know. It is the Curse Of Knowledge. It is hard for us to imagine what it is like to not know what we do know. And so we have a hard time speaking at the level of those who are just beginning to the journey to where we are now.

I just thought that this was a good reminder for us to remember what it is like to be new to our industry and then speak to those who are.