Internet Marketing Truth

Internet Marketing Truth

Is Making Money On The Internet Possible?

Is It Possible While Also Being Honest?

How Do I Do It?

Will Anyone Show Me How?

Who Do I Trust?

According to the World English Dictionary at


ver•i•ty [ver-i-tee]

  1. the quality or state of being true, real, or correct
  2. a true principle, statement, idea, etc; a truth or fact

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: verifiable truth; reality
Synonyms: accuracy, actuality, authenticity, certainty, evidence, genuineness, how it is, like it is, naked truth, stability,
Antonyms: fabrication, lie, falseness

IM : Internet Marketing
Verity : Truth

Trust is the key to making money using the internet. You can try to figure out everything on your own and eventually you may make some money. Maybe you’ll happen to discover the secret and make money right away. Maybe you’ll make a lot.

We’ve all heard that there are people making money online. Some make a LOT of money. Can you do it too? What if you had someone show you how they make money online? Would you copy what they do?

But what if making real money online requires real work just like in every other area of life? What if you have to actually put in hours and days and weeks and months and years of your time before you can even earn your first few pennies or dollars? Would you still do it? What if all that work eventually turned in to $500, $1000 or $5000 per month? Would you copy what the person told you to do?

How do you know that the person is telling you the truth? Can you trust that person?

The question is about trust. It is about truth. Facts.

Is it true that you can make money online?

Can you trust the person that tells you that you can earn money online if you just copy what they do?

Can you trust that if you invest your time and energy into copying what they do and building an online business that you could actually make money from the internet?

Truth = Verity

IM (Internet Marketing) Verity (Truth)

This site is about my quest and dedication to discovering the Truth about Internet Marketing. It is about uncovering the Facts about Making Money online.

I invite you to come on this journey to discover the truth for yourself. I’ll be as transparent as I can with you and let you know the truth about what I find. Maybe in the end, we’ll both make some money on the internet.